Tricky Escapes: The Magic Of Locks, Keys And Safes

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Tricky Escapes: The Magic Of Locks, Keys, And Safes

Good day. I'm Joe Seymour and I work part-time as a magician. Recently, I've had to learn a few new tricks because, quite frankly, people aren't impressed with disappearing coins anymore. My new repertoire involves various tricks that use locks, keys, and safes as props. I've actually become quite fixated on all the different types I've found and how they work. My best trick these days is getting an audience member to put money in a safe and lock it with their own combination. Even in a digital world, people love seeing how quickly I can "crack the code". My newfound fascination with locks, keys, and safes has led me to seek out others who have a little know-how in this area. Hopefully, you'll enjoy my blog and my research will help me to gain ideas for new tricks. Just turn the key and step on in.



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Three Questions to Ask Your Locksmith After a Business Burglary

When someone picks or breaks a lock to get into your offices, your first reaction may be to just have the lock fixed. While this handles your immediate problem, it doesn't mean that your building is now secure. While you have your locksmith onsite, pick their brains about your security and see if you can improve it by asking these questions.

1. Why Did the Burglar Get In?

Ask your locksmith to explain how it was possible for the thief to get through your locked door. You may find that a low-quality lock wasn't as strong as it should have been, making it easier to pick. Or, if the lock was old or basic, it may not have been stable enough to withstand a few kicks to the door.

Your locksmith will make immediate recommendations on how to strengthen your door's security with a more suitable lock. It's a good idea to follow this recommendation and to get the highest-quality lock you can.

2. Do You Have Other Immediate Weak Spots?

While you may think that your burglary problems are over now, the people who raided your offices may come back. While many burglars are opportunistic, some plan ahead. Your burglar knows that you'll fix and maybe upgrade the lock they used; however, if they noticed other easy ways to get into your office, then they may return later.

For example, if you have other external doors that use the same type of lock as the one they broke into, then they can easily break in again. Ask your locksmith to do a quick survey — they will be able to spot any weak spots that need fixing immediately.

3. How Can You Improve Long-Term Security?

Security standards and products change all the time. If your office security hasn't been reviewed or upgraded for a while, then ask your locksmith to do an audit. You may be able to make improvements that make your site less of a target for future break-ins. For example, this could be as simple as installing window locks or security doors; more complex options like keyless entry, access control or CCTV systems help future-proof your security.

So, when you call out your commercial locksmith to deal with your burglarised lock, ask if they can stay onsite a little longer to check out your security. Even if you only need to deal with the one lock, you'll get peace of mind that your business is as safe as it can be.