Tricky Escapes: The Magic Of Locks, Keys And Safes

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Tricky Escapes: The Magic Of Locks, Keys, And Safes

Good day. I'm Joe Seymour and I work part-time as a magician. Recently, I've had to learn a few new tricks because, quite frankly, people aren't impressed with disappearing coins anymore. My new repertoire involves various tricks that use locks, keys, and safes as props. I've actually become quite fixated on all the different types I've found and how they work. My best trick these days is getting an audience member to put money in a safe and lock it with their own combination. Even in a digital world, people love seeing how quickly I can "crack the code". My newfound fascination with locks, keys, and safes has led me to seek out others who have a little know-how in this area. Hopefully, you'll enjoy my blog and my research will help me to gain ideas for new tricks. Just turn the key and step on in.



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Can Digital Keypad Door Locks Help Your Kids Get Home Safely?

If your kids are old enough to fend for themselves after school until you're back from work, then you'll have given them all their own door key. They can come straight home after school without needing anyone to let them in.

The theory behind this is sound, but it may not work in practice. You may spend a lot of time dealing with kids who have lost or forgotten their keys. Sometimes, your kids may even lie about having their keys so they can stay out with their mates instead of going home. A digital keypad door lock may help solve your key headaches. What are the advantages?

Take Keys Out of the Equation

To open a keypad lock, you enter a number code into the keypad so that the lock opens. Nobody needs a key to get in. So, all your kids memorise the code and have no excuse that they can't get into the house after school. You lose the hassle of having to sort them out when they don't have keys. Even if one of your children forgets a code, they can get in the house much more easily with a keypad. A quick text or call is all it takes to remind them of the code.

Get Rid of Key Costs and Worries

If you've got a few kids who often lose keys, then you'll have to pay for new ones regularly. While having one key cut is not a big cost, having keys cut regularly adds up, especially if your lock uses keys that are more expensive than the norm.

Plus, you may worry about your home security if there are a load of lost keys floating around; you can't know if someone who knows where you live has a key. Keypad locks save you money on key-cutting; code access makes you feel more secure.

Get Peace of Mind

Even if your kids are old enough to take care of themselves, you'll still worry if they can't get into the house. They may be happy to spend time in the park or at the shops until you or one of their siblings gets home with a key. This might not work for you, however, especially if you live in a dodgy neighbourhood or if it is getting late. Plus, if your child uses a lost or forgotten key as an excuse to stay out when you've told them to be in, then a keypad lock kills this ruse stone-dead.

To find out more about keypad door locks, talk to your local locksmith. They can show you some examples of locks and tell you about other benefits.