Tricky Escapes: The Magic Of Locks, Keys And Safes

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Tricky Escapes: The Magic Of Locks, Keys, And Safes

Good day. I'm Joe Seymour and I work part-time as a magician. Recently, I've had to learn a few new tricks because, quite frankly, people aren't impressed with disappearing coins anymore. My new repertoire involves various tricks that use locks, keys, and safes as props. I've actually become quite fixated on all the different types I've found and how they work. My best trick these days is getting an audience member to put money in a safe and lock it with their own combination. Even in a digital world, people love seeing how quickly I can "crack the code". My newfound fascination with locks, keys, and safes has led me to seek out others who have a little know-how in this area. Hopefully, you'll enjoy my blog and my research will help me to gain ideas for new tricks. Just turn the key and step on in.



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Has your garage door remote control gone missing?

Installing a garage door that opens automatically is a great idea. It allows you to drive straight into the garage avoiding the need to exit the vehicle into the rain and wind. A remotely operated garage door also improves your personal security by allowing you to stay safely inside your vehicle until you are securely behind locked doors.

Looking after your garage door remote If you have a remotely operated garage door, then it is essential that you take proper care of the remote control. Some people keep their remotes inside their vehicle in plain sight while others prefer to keep them on their keychain so that they remain with them at all times. Whichever option you take, it is important that you do not provide an opportunity for anyone to steal the remote control from your vehicle. Possessing your garage remote control and your car registration number will allow them access to your house since they will be able to trace your address through the vehicle license plate. 

How should you respond if your garage door remote control goes missing? If your remote control goes missing, then you will need to purchase a garage remote replacement, but there are a few things it is important to do before you get to that stage. It's possible that you have simply misplaced your remote, but you can't know that. Just in case someone has picked it up and is planning to use it against you, you must void all the remotes connected to your system. You can void the remotes by pressing the smart button on your remote control motor inside your garage. Once your existing remotes are deprogrammed, they are harmless and will not let anyone enter your home.

Setting up your garage door system again You could find a garage remote replacement at any of a range of retailers in your area. It is important to check that you buy a genuine garage door remote replacement that comes with a manufacturer's warranty and is certified to work seamlessly with your existing garage door. Using your manufacturer's instruction manual, you can set up your garage remote replacement to work in exactly the same way as the previous remote. 

Planning for the future Once you have the garage door remote replacement operating correctly, you will need to think about where you will store it. You need to keep it close at hand so you can access it easily as you arrive at home, but it isn't a good idea to leave it in plain sight in your vehicle since this invites the attention of criminals. The most sensible place to store the remote is with all the keys to your property since you will be using both items at about the same time.